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军事 & 资深招生

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bet亚洲365欢迎投注 community is committed to helping you, 我们国家的英雄, 实现你的学术目标. 你是否现役, 以前曾, or work on a United States military base, we offer distinctive educational opportunities including adult undergraduate, 硕士水平, 双学位课程. We are humbled to provide you with a prestigious education alongside award-winning, personable 教师 dedicated to your success.

Transforming the Veterans' Experience

Marist is committed to helping student veterans achieve their academic goals by supporting them from the application process through commencement. 的 Red Fox family strives to help veterans by providing personalized attention 和 a customized plan to complete a degree, 毕业事业预备, 和 be prepared for a career in the civilian sector. Veterans are embedded throughout our 教师, 教职员及学生团体, 和 they’re ready to support you on your journey.

Institutional Distinctions 和 Discounts Available


Marist is a 军事 Friendly School for the 2023-2024 cycle. This measures the institution’s ability to meet thresholds for student retention, 毕业, 就业安置, 贷款偿还和违约率, 和 persistence for all students 和, 具体地说, 退伍军人学生.


bet亚洲365欢迎投注接受各种各样的 学费的好处. 此外,学院还为学生提供 25%的学费折扣 为退伍军人, 现役人员, 和 employees working on United States military bases, as well as their spouse 和 adult dependents (must be at least 22 years old at the time of acceptance), on selected graduate 和 adult programs.


bet亚洲365欢迎投注接受 军事学费援助(TA), a benefit paid to eligible members (active duty) of the Army, 海军, 海军陆战队, 空军和海岸警卫队, 和 New York State (NYS) Veteran Tuition Award (VTA), available to eligible veterans who are NYS residents.

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应用 Professional 和 Life Experiences to Your Degree Path

Student Veterans have unique backgrounds, 和 many of our academic programs take these professional 和 life experience into consideration. 的se dedicated programs conform to any schedule, 和 range from on-ground classes weekly, to hybird 和 100% online experiences. 学生可使用我们的 online course equivalency database to check course-to-course equivalencies as determined by bet亚洲365欢迎投注, 仅供参考. As an adult student, you will find many bachelor degree options at Marist that suit your needs:

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Dedicated Support for Student Veterans

Dave Rogers serves as a liaison between students 和 the rest of the Marist community. He has extensive knowledge of 军人和退伍军人s Affairs education, 职业康复, 弗吉尼亚州残疾, 储备组件服务, 以及其他项目. He has a robust local network of Veteran assistance agencies, 兄弟组织, 玛丽斯特的教职员工, 和 many other Veteran-related groups.

Rogers is a Retired Army Master Sergeant, who served 26 years active duty in multiple Field Artillery crew, 工作人员, 以及领导职位, culminating with Artillery Master Gunner. He served three combat tours in Afghanistan 和 was combat-wounded on his tour in Iraq. Rogers has been employed with Marist since 2012, 和 serves as a coordinator 和 administrator of the 军队参加后备役军官训练军团 program.

(845) 575-3000,分机. 2591

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Meet Student Veteran Maddie Fletcher

Maddie Fletcher has lived a remarkable life. 从做私人厨师开始, becoming the first female Comm和er of her Veterans of 为eign Wars (VFW) Post, 和 now pursuing a career in education, the 海军 Veteran comes to campus with a passion for helping other veterans. Despite joining the community in Fall 2021, Maddie has already left her mark - restarting 的 Fox Company 和 getting them into the Student Veterans of America. Her goal is to connect with other Marist veterans 和 help them navigate their journey.